Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ketchup and Pickles

This image is a freebie from Teach-a-Roo.  Click HERE to go to her store.

On Friday afternoons, some students have to attend 30 minutes of Ketchup, where they get caught up on schoolwork because they were absent or didn’t complete it.  Usually this work is Math, so our Math Teacher holds Ketchup in his room.  Students who are caught up, get to participate in 30 minutes of Pickles.  For Pickles, they have two choices.  They can work on Miller’s Multi-Media Masters challenges or they can go outside to play with our most fun 5th grade teacher.  They run, play, and experiment with our SEAMM (Science, Engineering, Art, Music and Math) Activities.

If you click the link, you’ll see another blog post about Miller’s Multi-Media Masters. The students choose a challenge and complete it. Maybe they will independently study planets and make a video about them or maybe they will record an interview of an adult in our school telling all about how they use Math in their everyday life.

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