Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Cougar News

We have an after school club of 4th and 5th graders who produce The Cougar News. We meet once per week for two hours to produce the daily news for the next week.  It’s so much fun!  At the beginning of the semester, students who have done lots of learning in our Tech Club register and I put each student on a production team.  On a Google Calendar, each team is scheduled to rehearse, record, edit, and produce the news. Here’s an example:

Each day, we tell what’s for lunch today and tomorrow, what birthdays and events are happening during the week, activities after school, and there’s a feature story.  Some of the features are interviews with staff or students.  Some are Fun Facts from the Media Center.  Some are Specialist Showcases where students report on the learning being done with our specialist teachers, Art, Music, Media and P.E.  Our production crew has a lot of fun and provides a great service to our K-5 students and staff. You can download scripts and more information HERE so you can have your own School News program!

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