Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tweet Sheet

None of our students in elementary school are old enough to use Twitter or Instagram (although I know that they do), according to their terms of use.  I think it’s important to teach them to use social media responsibly, though, so I have incorporated a few tools, not online, to do just that.  Every Tuesday (Twitter Tuesday), my students tweet about something they’re doing in or outside of school.  We learn about hashtags and Twitter handles and they limit their characters, just like in the real thing.  Sometimes I use it as an exit ticket.  For example, I say that we’re going to tweet about an influential person in The American Revolution (MN Social Studies Standard Identify historically significant people during the period of the American Revolution; explain how their actions contributed to the development of American political culture) and we’ll use #AmRev and #changedtheworld.  Sometimes, I have students tweet about something outside of school, like an activity or event.  They write on these little Tweet Sheets and post them on a wall covered with blue paper with a What’s Trending sign at the top.  The Tweet Sheet and sign are available HERE.  

I want to come up with an Instagram idea/tool to use that can help me with meeting my standards.  If you have something you’d like to share, please do.  I’m all ears.

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