Saturday, August 15, 2015

Twitter in School

Tweet! Our school has embraced Twitter as a means to communicate all the great things happening at our school.  Administration and parents were a little leery about posting student pictures online, so we put a permissions form out to everybody.  We decided to jump in with both feet and it has worked very well.  We posted signs at our Open House Night that encouraged parents to follow the school.  It’s a closed group, so each follower is approved by staff.  Parents follow our Twitter Feed, but the school doesn’t follow anyone, so it’s one way communication.  That’s the beauty of it, though.  Six of our teachers are approved posters.  They post pictures from class and school events highlighting great things happening at our school.  Our parents, it turns out, love seeing what their kids are doing during the day. 

Everybody should be tweeting at their school.  You should tell the story! People are talking! Contribute to the positive talk! This inspiration came from Brad Gustafson, an elementary school principal in Wayzata, MN.  He was a presenter at our district’s Tech Camp in the summer of 2015.  Read his blog, Adjusting Course HERE.  He suggested we do something brilliant.  We did.  

Do you use Twitter at your school? Tell us your success story.

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