Sunday, October 25, 2015


It’s Socktober!  Kid President has inspired us! 

My Fifth Grade Students are running a sock drive for homeless children and adults in our city this month. They have produced slide show presentations to tell younger students all about the project. They made signs and flyers for our school and community. They visit classrooms, tally totals, and box the socks for delivery. We have a goal of donating 2,000 pairs of new, crew socks.  I love their civic engagement.  Service Learning IS Social Studies!

Social Emotional Learning

Core_Competencies_Short_FINAL_O.pngMy students do a Social Emotional Check-In at least 3 days/week.  I have studied CASEL's Social Emotional Learning and you can too, by clicking on this link: The students click on a link to THIS FORM and fill in the boxes.  Sometimes I ask the kids to tell me something about their culture or family or traditions with a question on the board.  I get to know them a little better every time they fill out the form.  I'm the only one who can see the responses, so they tend to divulge more information than they would in a Morning Meeting Sharing Activity.  Sometimes, I send an email to the student to get more information.  The door is opened for conversation, trust, and relationship.  Love it!  Anybody can fill in the form.  Give it a try.