Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Multi-Media Mastery Club

We needed an extension activity.  My students craved more technology.  I combined these into Multi-Media Mastery Club.  My kids love it!  Here's how it works.

I started with this idea from Mrs. Renz's blog:  http://www.mrsrenz.net/masteryclub.htm.  She included links for research and required memorized information to be recited during lunch or before and after school.  She's teaching 4th grade now, but I think I saw this when she was teaching 3rd graders, several years ago.  I had to make it a little harder for fifth graders.  I took away the links so they have to do their own research.  We've studied what makes a credible, worthwhile resource.  Also, I have taught them (we learned together, actually) how to create audio recordings, slide shows, and short videos.  Then I added the multi-media element to each challenge.  In the future, I will require them to make a presentation, but I will not say what kind of presentation.  The kids took off with ideas.  I've had all kinds of presentations handed in after students have researched and created.  I've allowed students to design their own projects, as well.

The kids work on the challenges at home or at school when they have completed other work.  When a student is ready to share a presentation, they write their name on the blue paper I post on the board.  On Fridays during Ketchup and Pickles Time, students can present their projects in the order that they're listed on the blue sheet.  They can show each other, too.  They love to show their learning about the topic and the cool technology tools they've used.  Some get pretty fancy!

I keep track of those who have presented on a table that lists their name and the challenges they have completed.  You can find that HERE for free at my TPT Store.  I also keep track on my classroom website.  I have one spreadsheet that tells the names of my students and how many challenges they have completed this year.  I have another spreadsheet that is titled The Hall of Fame.  When students have successfully shared 18 or more challenges, I put them on The Hall of Fame chart.  Their name will remain on this chart forever (or until I retire, which seems like forever from now).  Both of these charts are on my classroom web site for the world to see HERE.

You can see the lists and forms I use (the whole kit and caboodle) HERE and you can buy them at a nominal price.  Thanks for sharing your love of research and technology with your students.  They will love it, I'm sure!


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